Jerry Jones on Randy Gregory: ‘He may be an ugly baby, but he’s our baby’

Randy Gregory
Courtesy of Reinhold Matay, USA Today Sports

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is beloved by his players because he is loyal, sometimes to a fault. This is most certainly the case as it relates to the troubled pass rusher, Randy Gregory, who recently tested positive for marijuana again and is facing a year-long suspension.

When asked about Gregory, Jones made it clear he is not giving up on the young defensive end.

Jones is the veritable king of NFL quotes. Nobody can capsulize an issue quite like he does.

Gregory was already serving 14 games worth of suspensions stemming from two stacked suspensions after two separate failed drug tests came up. He’s only played in 12 NFL games since being drafted in the second round in 2015, has registered just 11 tackles and has nary a sack to his credit.

A highly talented pass rusher coming out of Nebraska, Gregory had first-round talent but was known to have drug problems even before entering the NFL. Jones and the Cowboys took a risk drafting him No. 60 overall and have paid the price.

Still, despite his continued off-field problems, Gregory has the support of the organization.

That’s pretty remarkable. Time will tell if he takes advantage of this support and gets himself back in shape, both physically and mentally, to reward that loyalty.