Jerry Jones on reports of three-team trade: No legitimacy to it

Courtesy of USA Today Images

The NFL world was thrown into an uproar on Friday when CBS Sports NFL insider Jason La Canfora reported the details of potential trade discussions involving the Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers and Washington Redskins.

La Canfora’s report indicated that the three teams could soon engage in discussions that would involve sending Kirk Cousins to the 49ers and Tony Romo from Dallas to Washington (more on that here).

As ridiculous as the report seemed on the surface, it did make some sense.

San Francisco has reportedly been going hard after Cousins with his former offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan leading the charge. The 49ers are desperate to add a veteran quarterback to the mix with not a single player at that position on the roster.

Meanwhile, Washington would need to add another quarterback if it were to trade Cousins. Enter into the equation Tony Romo, who has long been on the trade block.

Talking about this bombshell of a rumor on Saturday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones flat out denied its credibility.

That really shouldn’t be considered too much of a surprise. Why would Jones go on record publicly about potential ongoing trade discussions? That wouldn’t make sense for anyone involved.

While still highly unlikely, Jones’ comments really don’t do much to change the fact that discussions surrounding a three-team deal could take place.

What we do know is that San Francisco is looking to add a quarterback, Cousins has not signed his exclusive-rights franchise tag and the Cowboys will move on from Romo here soon.

Connect the dots from there.