Jerry Jones won’t rule out Dez Bryant for Bengals game

By Jesse Reed

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is known for his excessive optimism, so take this with a grain of salt: he’s not ruling out Dez Bryant for Week 5.

Speaking on the radio (105.3 The Fan), Jones kept hope alive that his star receiver might play against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Of course, this is similar to what Jones said about Bryant last week before the San Francisco 49ers game, which Bryant missed.

The owner has likened Bryant’s hairline fracture to a bone bruise and said team doctors say he won’t be in danger of further injury. Instead, it’s all about how much pain he can tolerate.

Bryant himself said he was just playing it safe when he told reporters he wasn’t going to suit up for the 49ers game.

With that in mind, it might actually be more likely that Bryant plays this week than not.

The Cowboys could certainly use him in the lineup, despite the fact that he hasn’t been racking up big stats this year. Even as a decoy, Bryant is an effective tool in Dallas’ offense.

And going up against the Bengals, the Cowboys might need all the offensive firepower they can muster. Cincinnati should have a big game against the mediocre Dallas defense, meaning Dak Prescott and Co. will be inclined to match them score for score.