Jerry Jones: Cowboys need to tailor playbook to Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys missed the playoffs after their first-place finish in the NFC East the year before. Many things went awry, and quarterback Dak Prescott did not exactly repeat his stellar rookie campaign.

Knowing the Cowboys will need to make some adjustments, owner Jerry Jones spoke specifically about what they plan to change for Prescott.

“We just need to take advantage of what we have in Dak,” Jones said, per Jean-Jacques Taylor of nbcdfw.com.”

“A part of that is expanding the playbook and becoming more problematic for defenses. That’s what this offseason is about. “To change it up, change it up more during the season, from the beginning to the middle to the end of the season. I think you’ll see a lot more variation in what we’re doing in terms of schemes and technique.”

Jones continued, admitting Prescott’s overall performance declined from his rookie season.

“There’s no question he didn’t have the year he had the year before. “I know this: He’s a better quarterback now than when he started last year.”

Prescott’s numbers did indeed slump in 2017 from what he managed in his rookie season. Last year Prescott completed 62.9 percent of his passes compared to 67.8 his prior season. He also threw 13 interceptions in 2017 versus the mere four he committed in 2016.

Prescott is an incredible talent, and there is little reason to fear he won’t have a bounce-back season with the adjustments the Cowboys plan to make. It also helps that he is surrounded with some fabulous playmakers on offense to work with him to succeed.