Jeremy Mincey: Cowboys can’t wait on Tony Romo, ‘he’s not Jesus’

By Rachel Wold

The Dallas Cowboys haven’t won a game in six weeks with Brandon Weeden or Matt Cassel under center and will face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers without star quarterback Tony Romo.

Even though Romo will likely return in Week 11, defensive end Jeremy Mincey said the team cannot depend on the quarterback to salvage its losing season.

“We can’t sit and wait on Romo,” Mincey said, per Clarence E. Hill. Jr. of the Fort Worth Star Telegram. “He’s not Jesus. We can’t sit and wait on him.”

After losing four of those six games by seven points or less, the Cowboys are in need a complete turnaround. Granted, Mincey said the team could’ve avoided this point if it would finish.

“There are games we could have easily won without him being there. We have to be sharper and take advantage of every play and every opportunity to make something happen. There are no excuses to how we are playing. We have to get better. It’s our fault. We have to suck it up, keep going and get better.”

According to the report, though, no 2-6 teams since 1990 have reached the playoffs.

Nevertheless, the 5-4 New York Giants lead the NFC East and are only 2.5 games ahead of Dallas. The Cowboys still could crawl back into contention for the division title if they start winning.

Recent history suggests Dallas will start winning Romo returns—after all, its record stands at 77-48 with him and 6-15 without—but the Cowboys need victories right now to have a chance at the playoffs.