With Desean Jackson sporting red and white instead of midnight green, someone has to step up and shoulder the load in the Philadelphia Eagles receiving corps. That somebody happens to be a wide receiver coming off of an ACL tear…Jeremy Maclin

Tearing such a crucial (get it?) ligament is not only hazardous to the joint associated with it, but the entire body. An injury of this magnitude weakens the entire side of the body it is on, while simultaneously strengthening the opposite side. This creates an imbalance within the body that can lead to different injures. A torn ligament in the elbow can lead to shoulder issues much like a broken ankle can create problems in the foot and knee. The same goes for the ACL.

Maclin’s injury cost him the entirety of the 2013 NFL season, but it could cost him more playing time if he is not careful. After suffering a hamstring injury in training camp, Maclin must give his leg time to heal or the problems could snowball.

Washington Redskins v Philadelphia Eagles
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Maclin is the only receiver on Philadelphia’s roster with considerable NFL experience. The 2013 season was a breakout year for Riley Cooper, but the former Florida Gator lacks the separation ability to take his game to the next level despite his aerial ball skills. Expectations are high for rookie Jordan Matthews, but the learning curve in Chip Kelly’s offense is steep. Maclin is unlikely to play Friday against the Patriots, a precaution the Eagles would be wise to take.

While Maclin is no elite receiver, he is the most talented and most experienced player in Nick Foles’ receiving corps.┬áInjury concerns aside, the Eagles wide out has looked tremendous in camp, especially against the Patriots.

If Maclin can remain healthy and regain his for the Eagles should be just fine, but until Maclin is truly ready for full contact, there is no reason to put him, and the Eagles season, at risk. Plus, a brining a little of the Desean Jackson-like energy cannot hurt either.

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