Jeff Hornacek defends Carmelo Anthony’s handling of distractions

By Michael Dixon

The New York Knicks have been a constant saga. Will Carmelo Anthony be traded? Does Phil Jackson want him? Do the two get along? According to coach Jeff Hornacek, any issues between Carmelo and Anthony have been dealt with.

The tweet referred to, which you can read here, was completely bizarre.

At a certain point, the Knicks are going to have to make a move. It’s borderline impossible to imagine that Jackson and Anthony have any long-term future with each other.

At best, Jackson has done a terrible job at keeping calm waters in the midst of never-ending rumors. The tension it’s created is not easily done away with, especially on a losing team.

For now, Anthony and Jackson may well have patched up their differences. But what are the odds that sticks? At some point, New York will have to divorce itself from Carmelo, the Zen Master, or perhaps both.

The drama created by both men has been too strong for any other solution to work.