Jay Bilas rips ‘nonsensical’ and ‘absurd’ Dewan Hernandez ruling

The NCAA ruled Miami junior Dewan Hernandez ineligible the rest of the current season and 40 percent of next season due to improper benefits received.

The school has held Hernandez out all season already due to an agreement he made with Christian Dawkins, a runner for NBA agent Andy Miller who was trying to start his own agency.

The agreement, first reported by ESPN back in early November based on an email, was “to pay Hernandez $500 per month from September 2017 through January 2018, then $1,000 per month until April 2018.”

Though there is no evidence in the email that Hernandez actually received any of the money that was detailed in the agreement, the NCAA has ruled harshly against the young man.

None of this is sitting well with Jay Bilas of ESPN. He absolutely blasted the ruling on Monday, writing on Twitter: “What a nonsensical ruling. This is for under $500 in benefits (for a hotel room). Last year, NCAA bound players were cleared in a day. Hernandez loses an entire year and 40% of another? Absurd.”

It’s worth noting that the NCAA is an entity that reported over $1 billion in revenue for 2017 last year.