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James Harrison is looking into getting old NFL fines reversed

Jesse Reed
Courtesy of USA Today Sports

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison has been fined by the NFL on numerous occasions for his violent play on the field, and now he’s trying to get some of that money back.

He joked about the proposition with reporters recently, but apparently he was being dead serious.

According to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, Williams Parise, Harrison’s agent, is working with the NFLPA to see if there is a way for his client to be recouped some of the money he’s doled out of the years. The recent reversal by Judge Richard Berman of Tom Brady’s four-game suspension has triggered the interest.

“Certainly there’s an open door because of the courts overturning the commissioner’s ability to hear his own appeals,” Parise said.

It seems far-fetched that Harrison would receive any of the money back from his numerous fines. After all, he has broken (or at least bended) the rules many times, including his brutal hit on Colt McCoy in 2010, which earned him a one-game suspension in 2011.

However, as noted by Fowler, the fact that Harrison is even considering such a course of action signals a drastic change in the way players are viewing Goodell’s ultimate authority when it comes to discipline.

The Brady decision also triggered Greg Hardy to begin plans to appeal his four-game ban for the start of this year. Clearly, Goodell’s power is going to be challenged for a while following his embarrassing loss to Brady in the Deflategate case.

It’s going to be interesting to witness the long-term effects of Judge Berman’s ruling.