James Ennis III: With Kawhi out West, Sixers ‘going to walk to the Finals’

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Kawhi Leonard is now out on the West Coast with the Los Angeles Clippers, which means the Eastern Conference is up for grabs big time. James Ennis III, who recently re-signed with the Philadelphia 76ers, is feeling confident his team will take advantage of the departure.

Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer approached Ennis to ask about why he re-signed with Philadelphia. His response will no doubt make its way to bulletin boards across the conference.

“Because it’s a good team, and a good chance of winning,” Ennis said. “The East is going to wide open. We had a good chance last year. Kawhi is gone. He went to the West. So we are going to walk to the Finals in the East.”

It’s all pretty mild there until that last sentence: “So we are going to walk to the Finals in the East.”

Clearly, Ennis took classes from Joel Embiid this summer on trash talking.

The Sixers have a good young team. Nobody will deny that.

Yet there is still plenty of competition in the East, including a very hungry Milwaukee Bucks squad that came oh, so close to making it to the NBA Finals this past season.