Jameis Winston says age doesn’t matter in football

By Rachel Wold

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers officially named their rookie quarterback Jameis Winston the team’s starter on Friday. Winston, who is a mere 21 years of age, had some input to share regarding his new leading role (via NFL.com):

One thing that I’ve learned is if you can play it don’t matter what age you are, it doesn’t matter,” he said. “I believe we have a great team in place…I’m looking forward to the season. I can’t wait.”

Winston claims he has matured and moved on from off-field behavioral incidents that took place at Florida State. He also is not focused on becoming the team’s leader:

“On this team, I’m just accepting my role,” he said. “We have a lot of veterans — Vincent (Jackson), Gerald (McCoy) — those guys are our leaders. My job right now is to play quarterback.”

Winston hit the nail on the nose with his statement regarding age. We have successful quarterbacks currently playing in the NFL that span from their late 30’s in age such as Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, all the way down to Andrew Luck who is 25 years old.

With an underwhelming backup quarterback crew consisting of Mike Glennnon and Seth Lobato, the Buccaneers really have nowhere else to turn other than to put the their faith in their young first-round pick.

We’ll see soon enough if Winston looks like he will take off in Luck’s footsteps and become a success early on, or he follows the path of say…Johnny Manziel, who is struggling at the young age of 22.

Photo: USA Today Sports