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Jake Olson participating in USC pro day to raise money for Retinoblastoma research

Jesse Reed
USC long-snapper Jake Olson

Jake Olson, who gained national fame as the blind long snapper for the USC Trojans the past couple of years, will participate in the school’s pro day.

He’s going to be doing the bench press and has a goal of 20 reps at 225 pounds, and the purpose of it all is to raise money for Retinoblastoma research, and the charitable group Uplifting Athletes, Inc.

Olson’s campaign is called “Jake Olson’s Reps For Retinoblastoma” and is featured on the Pledge It website. He’s seeking to raise $250,000 total, with just over $13,000 raised at the time of this writing.

Olson also shared his own story on the Pledge It page, opening up about the traumatic experience he underwent as a 12-year-old child.

The funds he is helping to raise will be used to help other children who cannot afford treatment the chance to receive what’s called a “Episcleral Topotecan device,” which delivers chemotherapy directly┬áto the tumors and vitreous seeds located within the eye, thus potentially saving the eye.