Jaguars troll Steelers, Leonard Fournette in response to Madden

Jacksonville Jaguars 2016 Schedule

The Jacksonville Jaguars were trolling on Twitter on Thursday. They reminded the Pittsburgh Steelers of a playoff defeat, and even had some fun at the expense of Leonard Fournette.

It all started when Fournette was clearly displeased to find out about his 87 rating. He even requested that he be removed from the game.

In response, Madden’s Twitter page gave a generic reply to Fournette.

Finally, the Jaguars dropped the mic with a response that was anything but generic.

Oh, boy.

For his part, Fournette retweeted Jacksonville’s post. We’re guessing he’s taking the dig about his hairline in stride.

As far as the yellow towel waiving folks up in Pittsburgh go? We’re guessing they won’t find it quite as funny. Then again, Fournette torched the Steelers twice last year, including a historic playoff performance. Pittsburgh will no doubt be reminded of this ahead of its Week 11 game in Jacksonville.

For now, though, the Jags are using the bragging rights they’ve earned.