Jaguars’ QB Blake Bortles Puts Up Winning Performance

Jacksonville Jaguars’ rookie quarterback Blake Bortles gave it his most tonight finishing strong against the Atlanta Falcons.

Bortles, who started for the Jaguars, completed four of his six pass attempts for 86 yards and hauled in a sweet 57-yard touchdown to rookie wide receiver Marquise Lee.

Thus far in the preseason, Bortles has accumulated 521 yards with two touchdowns and has completed 32 or his 51 pass attempts. Even though the Jaguars have reported that Chad Henne will start for the team in Week 1 against Philadelphia, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Bortles in the lead role two weeks later in their home opener against the Indianapolis Colts.

Bortles plead his case tonight. And in my opinion, delivered well.