Jacob Eason shows off big arm with sweet pass to jet-ski riding teammate

Georgia quarterback Jacob Eason has a lot of people counting on him to break through with a big time sophomore campaign. Blessed with a big arm and plenty of confidence, he has fans wondering if the Bulldogs are ready to make a big move in the SEC.

That said, it doesn’t look like the pressure is getting to Eason. Spending some quality time on the water, Eason is honing his skills while having a blast at the same time.

Taking a page out of Sam Darnold’s playbook, Eason showed off his skill by connecting with teammate Isaac Nauta, who was riding a jet ski and pulling away fast.


So, who did it better? Darnold or Eason?

Here’s a point of reference to those who haven’t seen Darnold’s tremendous throw already.


Both of these young men will ramp up their efforts to get ready for the season next month when summer practices begin. But for now, there isn’t much in life that is better than some fun in the sun.