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J.J. Watt shades ‘replay guy’ at Orange Bowl after questionable reviews

Jesse Reed
J.J. Watt

J.J. Watt is a member of the Houston Texans nowadays, but he’s a Wisconsin boy, through and through. So, it wasn’t surprising to see him express some disgust during Saturday night’s Orange Bowl between the Badgers and Miami Hurricanes.

After watching some reviews that resulted in questionable results, at best, Watt tweeted what many of us were likely thinking.

The most egregious error we saw was Wisconsin’s Jonathan Taylor being charged with a lost fumble on the game’s first offensive possession. He did lose the ball, but he was ruled down by contact on the field, and to our eyes, replay did not definitively provide evidence to overturn it.


For what it’s worth, many people agreed with Watt about this one.

Officiating has been pretty darn awful throughout bowl season. The Music City Bowl was by far the worst of the bunch. Saturday night’s Orange Bowl is pretty tame, by comparison. But it’s not too much to ask that the people in charge of replays actually make sense, right?