J.J. Watt says he considered retirement during the offseason

According to a video with Graham Bensinger on Bensinger’s YouTube Channel, Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt said that he had considered retirement due to lack of function in his leg because of his injury. The reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year from 2015 retiring after arguably the best season he had ever played would have been a shocker for sure.

However, he really was just expressing frustration due to an injury. Injury recovery is tough for guys who are at the highest level. And for the best defensive lineman since Bruce Smith to have limited usage in his leg after an injury, that can be highly frustrating. As an athlete, Watt is one of the best to ever play the position and that limited mobility would be frustrating.

He’s found his passion again and obviously won’t be leaving the sport any time soon, but it goes to show you just how much heart goes into the game. Watt is still going to be one of the best defensive players in the league this season and is already off to a great start. You can view Watt’s full interview with Bensinger below.