J.J. Watt made a kid cry but quickly turned his frown upside down

Houston Texans star J.J. Watt is known for putting smiles on faces thanks to his acts of kindness and generosity.

He’s also legendary for his pre-game ritual of playing catch with fans in the stands, wherever he plays.

On Monday night before his game against New Orleans, however, Watt accidentally caused a young fan to shed tears when a pass he threw knocked the young lad’s lollipop out of his grasp.

As shared by the father of this young fan, Thomas Morstead, Watt quickly remedied the situation and turned the young man’s frown upside down.

“As quickly as the crying ensued, it stopped. JJ was nice enough to give his gloves to Beckett,” Morstead wrote. “Thanks for making an awesome memory for my boys. Apparently the five second rule holds true, even on the floor of the Superdome.”

The pics from this encounter are just too precious. Watt has such a special way of touching people’s hearts. He’s been a Hall of Fame-caliber player on the field, and off it as well, for his entire career.