Is the NFL entering a golden age of two-point conversions?

By Rachel Wold

The NFL could see a tremendous increase in two-point conversion attempts this season, if the first week of preseason action is any indication.

Earlier this year, the NFL changed the point after touchdown (PAT) rule which has moved the extra point kick back to 33 yards. During the 17 Week 1 preseason games, 55 of 57 extra points were made.

Additionally, 12 two-point conversions were attempted which amounted to an average of .71 per game.

Last year during the regular season, only 59 two-point conversions were attempted. This equated to .23 per game.

As for the two missed PATs, Philadelphia Eagles kicker Cody Parkey and Tennessee Titans kicker Ryan Succop each missed an extra point kick. This is something worth noting considering neither kicker has ever missed an extra point kick in their careers. Both kickers have made a combined total of 241 PAT’s.

This leads us to wonder if more teams might be tempted to go for the two-point conversion once the regular NFL season begins.

The preseason is obviously considered a time for coaches to experiment, which could have led to the increased amount of two-point attempts last week. However, it will be interesting to see if more teams take their chances with a two-pointer versus the PAT once nasty, windy weather comes into play later in the season.

In the case of the missed PATs by Parkey and Succop, the weather conditions had no bearing. Throw in a little rain and sleet, and we could come to the conclusion that many more PATs will go wide left or right this fall.

This means more teams might be inclined to go for two from the two-yard line, rather than risk getting six points, rather than eight, which means we could be headed towards a golden age of two-point conversion attempts in the NFL.