Iowa State football player proposes to girlfriend after spring game

There’s definitely a way to do this whole marriage proposal thing. And it sure looks like Iowa State football player Kyle Starcevich found a way to absolutely dominate this once in a lifetime moment.

Following the Cyclones’ spring game on Saturday, Starcevich dropped to his knees and proposed to girlfriend, Tori Monroe.

So that we don’t keep you in suspense much longer, here is the better half accepting said proposal in front of the entire team.

“(Head) Coach (Matt) Campbell had the idea to bring her up and kind of recognize her because she works in the office. We brought her up front and he wanted to give her a fake award and I was going to present it to her. He brought her up and said she’s a great worker and this and that,” Starcevich said, via Cyclone Alert. “She had no idea. She thought she was going to get a job or something and I ended up proposing and I thought it went pretty well.”

That’s absolutely amazing, right?

It sure beats the heck out of baseball stadium proposals.