Prostitution investigation shows Coastal Carolina cheerleaders were paid $1,500 for dates

There’s a scandal brewing in the Myrtle Beach area. It was just last month that Coastal Carolina suspended its entire cheerleading team over suggestions that multiple members of the squad were involved in an escort service scheme.

However, absurd that may sound, officials at the university seemingly had enough evidence to go through with the suspensions.

It’s now being reported by The State in South Carolina that certain members of the squad were paid upwards of $1,500 for dates.

“According to the investigation report obtained by The Sun News through a Freedom of Information request, cheerleaders involved in the escort services were paid between $100 and $1,500 per date.”

Obviously, there seems to be evidence that these dates were not necessarily just to hold hands with lonely men seeking a friend to hang out with. Though, the investigation itself showed no evidence that any member of the cheer squad traded sexual favors for money or goods.

I guess that’s the one positive here.

Though, students running an escort service would be a big enough scandal on its own.

“The cheerleaders ran the operation through the website,” the report read. “Text messages between cheerleaders advised team members working at the strip clubs, including Thee DollHouse, to quit their jobs until after a national cheerleading competition taking place in Dayton Beach.”

There will definitely be more information on this story in the coming weeks. But at least, we now have a feel for what might have been going on behind the scenes at Coastal Carolina.

It’s not good.