Inside St. Louis Cardinals Baseball and the Pitch Clock

By Malcolm Michaels

Hopefully by now you have noticed the change up here with the Sportsnaut Unfiltered Podcast.  Right now we are focusing on TC’s passion and the sport made for summer, baseball! Keeping on that trend, TC is sitting down with Joe Schwarz to take a look inside St. Louis Cardinals baseball and to discuss the possibility of a pitch clock in the major leagues!  Listen now…
Inside St. Louis Cardinals Baseball and the Pitch Clock

  • Why are the Cardinals such a good ball club?
  • Who are the fastest and slowest pitchers in Major League Baseball today?
  • What provisions should be made if a pitch clock is added to baseball?
  • Listen in to find out more!

TC and Joe Schwarz are talking about the Cardinals today. The Cards are one of the most competitive teams in the National League and TC wants to know how it is they have maintained such a strong team. Perhaps it has something to do with their development of talent that no one has heard of like Oscar Taveras. Taveras has been in the minors for somewhere in the neighborhood of five years, however according to Joe, this might just be his year to finally shine.

Don’t worry if you aren’t a Cardinals fan, there is something for everyone in this podcast. Don’t tune out before you hear the discussion about the need for a pitch clock in MLB. Games are getting longer these days and while the die-hard fans may love it, there still remain only so many hours in a day. Television networks are forced to bump programming, fans get restless and eventually will end up rebelling and leave before the game is over.

Inside St. Louis Cardinals Baseball and the Pitch Clock

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