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Insane stat shows how dominant Jacob deGrom was in 2018

Michael Dixon
Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom

The National League Cy Young race will likely come down to Washington Nationals ace Max Scherzer and New York Mets ace Jacob deGrom. At least one stat benefits deGrom in a big way.

In what was almost certainly his last outing of the year, deGrom went eight shutout innings on Wednesday to lower his season ERA to 1.70. While Scherzer’s 2.53 ERA is very good, it would take him a while, a long while, to reach deGrom’s mark.


To be fair, Scherzer does hold a significant edge on deGrom. While deGrom has an impressive 269 strikeouts on the year, Scherzer is at an even 300.

That’s certainly a sizable gap. But here’s the difference.

Scherzer is at 220.2 innings on the year. So, the 107.2 scoreless innings he’d need to catch deGrom’s ERA total work out to roughly half of a season — somewhere between 10-12 starts. deGrom, on the other hand, would probably need no more than four (or even three) more starts to reach 300 strikeouts.

This isn’t the only thing that will play into the minds of the Cy Young voters. But it’s certainly a big check in deGrom’s column.