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Insane stat illustrates how dominant Alabama’s offense has been

Matt Johnson

Everyone knows the Alabama Crimson Tide are the best team in the country. However, we sometimes miss just how dominant this team is. One shocking statistic captures Alabama’s excellence perfectly.

Many fans may not be familiar with Skyler DeLong, and for good reason. He is Alabama’s punter. But after drilling six punts on Sept. 22 against Texas A&M, he hasn’t taken the field to punt since.

Perhaps Alabama’s offense felt bad he needed to punt six times in the win over Texas A&M. If so, they’ve now provided him with several weeks of rest and relaxation while the freshman punter gets to sit back and enjoy his free sideline passes with Alabama.

The Crimson Tide are rolling on Saturday against Missouri. Meanwhile, they face the Tennessee Volunteers next Saturday. If the streak continues over the next two weeks, we may not see DeLong until November.