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Incredible Tom Brady, Julian Edelman home win streak could be broken Sunday by Chiefs

Jesse Reed
Tom Brady Julian Edelman

When they’ve both played, Tom Brady and Julian Edelman have never lost a game to an AFC opponent in more than 10 years. The Kansas City Chiefs will look to break that incredible streak Sunday when they travel to Foxborough to take on the New England Patriots.

Boston Sports Info shared that the duo of Brady and Edelman has led to 42 straight home wins for the Patriots over the past decade.

Just an incredible show of longevity and dominance by this organization since Edelman and Brady teamed up.

Though, it stands to reason the streak could easily be broken Sunday evening. The Pats have been struggling over the past month (2-2), and in particular Brady has taken a significant step back in his ability to elevate his teammates.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs appear to have figured out some stuff on the defensive side of the ball, allowing just 26 points the past two games.

Will Brady and Edelman rediscover their magic on Sunday, or will the Chiefs finally put an end to this brilliant run? We cannot wait to find out the answer to that question.