Iconic Eagles’ fan fighting for his live due to COVID-19

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles are known for having a passionate fan base that gives everything they have for the team. Monty G, known as the “Babay Babay” hype man, is among the team’s most iconic fans for always helping people rally around the team. Now, fans are rallying around him as he fights for his life.

Monty G was diagnosed with COVID-19 several weeks ago and has been at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania for three weeks, per a GoFundMe page in his name.

After he experienced issues breathing, doctors had him undergo tests and he was confirmed to have the coronavirus. He underwent a tracheotomy surgery to help him breathe and has since been taken out of his coma.

Unfortunately, Monty G is still in the fight for his life and is unable to speak. His girlfriend also tested positive for COVID-19, though she was able to make a full recovery. Now, she and Monty G’s fellow Eagles’ fans are rallying together around the man who has poured his heart into the team.

A fundraiser to help provide him with support for medical bills has already surged past its first goal and fans continue to donate.

The NFL community has done incredible work to help those during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s great to see fans are rallying around each other and providing support for one of their fellow die-hard fans during this difficult time.