Twitter reacts to Hugo Lloris’ epic gaffe against Croatia in World Cup Final

Hugo Lloris

France have gifted Croatia a much-needed goal midway through the second half of the World Cup Final.

Goalie Hugo Lloris, for reasons we cannot understand, thought he could get away with the most lackadaisical effort we’ve seen in this World Cup with Croatia’s Mario Mandzukic charging hard toward the goal.

He ended up kicking it right to Mandzukic, who easily powered it through for the second goal of the game for Croatia.

This was a pretty surreal moment, as France were well in control of the game until this point.


That said, it wasn’t the only crazy moment we witnessed in the second half, either, as fans rushed the field during the action just minutes before this key goal.

Here are some of the best reactions we saw on Twitter after Lloris’ huge mistake.