Hue Jackson gives incredibly classy take on Baker Mayfield feud

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Baker Mayfield doesn’t like Hue Jackson. The Cleveland Browns quarterback has made that fact abundantly clear with numerous public shots taken at his former head coach.

On Thursday, Jackson was on the Herd with Colin Cowherd. Cowherd asked Jackson if he was bothered by all the criticism from Mayfield.

Let’s just say, his response was eye-opening. Taking the high road, Jackson said, “I’m not bothered by it.”

He also pointed to the fact that Mayfield’s chip-on-the-shoulder tenacity, which included those shots at Jackson, ended up serving the Browns well.

He continued: “I don’t look at it and say I’m really disappointed by it because at the end of the day, Baker has to do what he thinks is best for his football team.”

Whatever you think about Jackson as a coach in the NFL, nobody can find fault with his approach here. Just a classy response that demands respect.