Former NFL Exec: Hoyer was ‘Significantly Better than’ Manziel

Former Washington Redskins general manager Charlie Casserly had some strong words for the Cleveland Browns’ fan base prior to Monday Night’s showdown in the District of Columbia. Casserly pulled no punches while referring to the newest member of Cleveland’s passing corps on the NFL Network’s The Morning Show, jumping on the dog-pile of media members taking part in the daily slander of notorious JFF.


Johnny Manziel living the high life courtesy of baconsports.com

Casserly backed Mike Pettine’s handling of the quarterback controversy and then added a potent quotable to make bloggers salivate.

 Mike Pettine has kind of played it right down the middle as far as publicity goes. So far, he’s stuck to what he said. He wanted to make a decision after two preseason games, so this is what he’s doing. To be honest with you, in watching the first preseason game, I don’t think it was even close. I think Hoyer was significantly better than Manziel.”

I think they’ve done a good job with the thing…They’re in a tough spot tonight trying to get both guys in. I think not starting Manziel is an indication that they don’t think he’s ahead of Hoyer or even with Hoyer or ready to be Hoyer. Alternating every two series, that never really works. But I think he’s trying to give Manziel some work with the first-teamers without keeping the first team in there longer than he wants to.

While Casserly defended Hoyer saying he placed balls in the receivers hands that were not caught unlike Manziel, at this stage the tale of the tape sides with Manziel. The former Heisman Trophy winner rushed for 27 yards and was 7-of-11 for 63  yards, where Hoyer completed just 6-of-14 but accrued 92 yards passing. Preseason football is simply a preview, there is more to being a starting quarterback in the NFL than having a decent showing in an exhibition game. But Manziel’s NFL debut was impressive.

Where there is no doubt Hoyer has the edge in this competition is regarding maturity. No fault of Manziel, he is just a rookie after all, Hoyer simply has more experience at the professional level. And less pictures rolling up dollar bills in a Las Vegas bathroom. Not to mention, Manziel was late to a team meeting last week, drawing more ire in the eyes of his critics.

Regardless, Manziel is a rookie with tremendous promise who will get a chance to start in the NFL be it Week 1 in Pittsburgh or somewhere down the line. Casserly stated that Manziel has some growing to do and will get his shot when he proves his readiness. That part is rather obvious at this point.

Photo: CBS Sports