Houston Astros suspend workouts due to possible COVID-19 exposure

Jul 10, 2020; Houston, Texas, United States; A view of the centerfield Astros log during practice at Minute Maid Park. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

The 2020 MLB season is right around the corner with Opening Day set for July 23, but another setback could jeopardize it all. For the second time since spring training began, the Houston Astros have suspended another workout due to COVID-19.

Houston Astros cancel workout over potential COVID-19 exposure

Less than a week after the Houston Astros canceled a workout due to delayed COVID-19 test results, an issue that impacted multiple clubs, the team suspended Saturday’s workout.

The Astros discovered that a member of their staff might have come in direct contact with a person who has the coronavirus. As a result, the club canceled its scheduled workout on Saturday in an abundance of caution.

While it might only be a minor setback for the team, it highlights the risks and potential delays that come with playing during a health crisis. Even a potential exposure to the virus will lead to a team sidelining any players who might have come in close proximity to the person.

It still isn’t a certainty that there will be an MLB season. If more players, including MLB stars, opt-out of playing, it could ultimately lead to baseball shutting down for the year.