HOFer Ray Lewis starting a podcast to explore ‘greatness’

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Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis has never been shy about expressing what’s on his mind. Soon, you’ll have a first-row seat into the inner workings of that mind.

Everyday Greatness: The Ray Lewis Podcast

Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report shared that Lewis is starting a podcast that begins in May 21. It’s called “Everyday Greatness: The Ray Lewis Podcast.”

After doing a bit of digging, I found a link to the upcoming podcast. In the description, we find that Lewis has a particular goal in mind.

“Through compelling interviews and sharing personal stories and life lessons – both on and off the field, “Everyday Greatness: The Ray Lewis Podcast” is an opportunity to join the former NFL linebacker in his life-long quest to understand what inspires and motivates GREATNESS.”

So there you have it. Greatness awaits.