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History suggests Patrick Mahomes will lose to Tom Brady Sunday night

Jesse Reed
2017 NFL season

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has set the NFL on fire this year, setting some new league records along the way.

He’s also just 23 years of age.

The first and second facts listed here are a bit at odds with one another, however, as he prepares to take his team into Gillette Stadium for a date with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

As noted by Peter Schrager of Fox Sports, quarterbacks 25 and under have won just a single game at Gillette Stadium…in 42 tries.

The only 25-and-under quarterback who did pull off the trick (so far) just so happens to be a player nobody in the league will hire.

History doesn’t predict what will happen tomorrow. Records are meant to be broken.

But Bill Belichick has a knack for honing in on exactly what a young quarterback struggles to overcome. And he attacks, attacks, attacks those weaknesses until the young quarterback breaks.

It’s quite possible that Mahomes will defy the odds. Then again, it’s also worth pointing out that, in the two games since he opened the season with 13 touchdowns in his first three games, he’s thrown just one touchdown and two interceptions.

Watching Mahomes and Co. take on Brady and the Pats Sunday night is going to be fun, no matter how it turns out.