High School Player Gives Best Post-Game Interview Ever

Apollos Hester plays wide receiver for the East View Patriots in Georgetown, Texas. But that’s not really what the story is here. The enthusiastic young man gave what we have to consider the best post-game interview in the history of post-game interviews following a 42-41 victory over the¬†Vandegrift Vipers on Friday.

Even after the interview was completed, you could see Hester continue to show excitement and passion for the game he loves.

Here is some of what he had to say in text form, but do yourself a favor and watch the video we embedded above. It will make you smile at a time when we simply haven’t had a lot to smile about around the football world.

Yeah, they had us the first half, I’m not gonna lie, they had us. We weren’t defeated, but they had us. But it took guts, it took an attitude…that’s all it takes. That’s all it takes to be successful is an attitude. And that’s what our coach told us. He said, ‘Hey, it’s gonna be tough.’

It’s gonna be tough…it’s gonna be hard. You’re gonna go out there, you’re gonna battle, you’re gonna fight, you’re gonna do it for one another. Do it for each other, you’re gonna do it for yourself, you’re gonna do it for us, and you’re gonna go out with this win.’ And we believed that…we truly did. And it’s an awesome feeling.

H/t to TWC News in Austin for this tremendous video.