Herschel Walker wants Robert Griffin III to play for Cowboys, but it’s not the right fit

By Jesse Reed

Perhaps like many Dallas Cowboys fans, Herschel Walker would love to see Robert Griffin III end up wearing the star in 2016.

Speaking with TMZ, Walker made it clear he still has faith in the former Baylor product to perform at a high level in the NFL.

“I know RG3 can play,” Walker told TMZ Sports … “[he] just gotta find a team that’s gonna believe in him.”

We know from reports coming out of Dallas that the Cowboys don’t necessarily think RG3 can thrive in their offensive system. Offensive coordinator Scott Linehan isn’t high on his skill set and does notĀ see him as a good fit.

Still, because of Griffin III’s potential and outstanding rookie season, many would love to see him sit behind Tony Romo and learn how to play the position in the NFL before taking over in another few years.

However, the bottom line here is that in reality RG3 just isn’t a good fit in a standard NFL offense. He truly does need a coach, like Walker said, who is going to believe in him but who will also be able to tailorĀ an offense around his skill set.

Griffin III needs to be in a run-first offense that utilizes roll-outs and zone-read options where his speed becomes a legitimate threat by design. Linehan’s offense is more traditional and requires its quarterback to sit in the pocket and diagnose defenses from the pocket, rather than making plays on the run.

So as much as Walker and many others would be thrilled to see Griffin III suiting up in Dallas next year, it’s not the right fit and it’s not going to happen.