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Heisman candidate Chuba Hubbard ‘will not be doing anything’ with OSU after seeing Mike Gundy wear OAN T-shirt

Jesse Reed
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Oklahoma State running back Chuba Hubbard took a serious stand against his head coach, Mike Gundy, who wore an OAN T-shirt recently.

On Monday morning, Kyle Boone of CBS Sports shared a picture of Gundy after a fishing trip. In it, you can clearly see that the Cowboys head coach is wearing an OAN T-shirt.

Chuba Hubbard reacts to Mike Gundy wearing OAN shirt

Declaring he “will not be doing anything with Oklahoma State until things CHANGE,” Hubbard reacted in the strongest possible way to Gundy wearing the shirt.

“I will not stand for this,” Hubbard wrote on his Twitter account. “This is completely insensitive to everything going on in society, and it’s unacceptable. I will not be doing anything with Oklahoma State until things CHANGE.”

Chubbard is a Heisman candidate and one of the most electric running backs in the nation. Last season, he racked up 2,292 yards and 21 touchdowns from scrimmage.

Without him in the lineup, Oklahoma State’s offense is going to struggle. And it seems clear Hubbard is asking for nothing less than the removal of Gundy. So this could be big trouble for the Cowboys football program.

What is OAN?

OAN, for those who may not be aware, stands for One American News network. It’s a far-right news organization known for promoting hoaxes and outright lies, and for recently being a favored network of President Donald Trump.


Clearly, Hubbard is not on board with his coach supporting such a network.