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WATCH: Heartwarming clip shows Lamar Jackson meeting one of his biggest fans, Landon

Andrew Buller-Russ

Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens went on the road to face the New Orleans Saints at the Superdome for a showdown on Monday Night Football in Week 9. But before the Ravens would take down the Saints in a 27-13 smackdown, Jackson had the privilege of meeting one of his biggest fans.

In a clip shared by the official Ravens team Twitter account, millions of people have now had a chance to bear witness to Jackson making a young boy’s day. This time around, it was a big fan of Jackson’s from Mississippi by the name of Landon. He had no idea what he was in for.

Lamar Jackson makes young child’s day

It’s awesome to see that even with Landon’s heart condition, he’s able to keep a positive mindset and find such joy in this extremely surprising encounter. Just look at how he stands on his tippy toes for most of the initial meeting. The kid doesn’t want to let go of his idol.

As some, such as Albert Breer, have noted, this is just who Jackson is. On the field, off the field, it doesn’t matter. The Ravens QB is an MVP.

Meanwhile, the Ravens likely don’t want to let go of the face of the franchise either. Jackson is set to be a free agent at the end of the year, but he represents himself in contract negotiations with no player agent on the payroll. In other words, getting the organization and the player to agree on contract value has been difficult.

Yet, with Jackson on pace to lead the Ravens to the playoffs for the third time in the four years since he’s been drafted, it’s hard to argue that any price is too high for his services. As mentioned, he’s an all-around winner.

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