Hawks PA announcer hilariously messes up Jazz intros

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

We know full well that PA announcers really couldn’t care less when they give the starting lineup for visiting teams.

But the person in charge of that ahead of Wednesday’s outing between the Utah Jazz and Hawks in Atlanta took this to a whole new level.

Ryan Cameron, who has been the in-arena voice of the Hawks for the past 17 seasons, legitimately got the nationality of two Jazz players completely wrong.

This is next level stuff right here. Bojan Bogdanovic is from Croatia and has legitimately played for the national team over the past several international events. Croatia and Turkey are not even on the same continent.

As for Joe Ingles, even the common NBA fan knows he’s an Aussie and from down under. Where does one come up with Israel?

There’s mistakes. We let them slide. But this was absolutely hilarious stuff from Mr. Cameron.