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Kansas City Chiefs’ Harrison Butker eyeing 70-yard field goal this year

Matt Johnson
Harrison Butker
Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker is known for having one of the most powerful legs in the NFL. As he looks ahead to the 2022 NFL season, he is looking for an opportunity to set himself apart with a record that seems unthinkable.

Kickers are getting better in the NFL, showcasing more power than ever before with 50-plus yard field-goal conversions steadily climbing. Even more recently, we’ve seen the likes of Justin Tucker, Jake Elliott, and Greg Zuerlein drilled kicks from 60-plus yards out.

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Heading into the regular season, Tucker holds the NFL record with a game-winning 66-yard field goal to beat the Detroit Lions in 2021. It easily surpassed the previous mark, a 64-yard field goal by Matt Prater, which happened in 2013.

Butker wants to take things to a new level. When asked by Jesse Newell of The Kansas City Star about the possibility of attempting a field-goal attempt from 70 yards out, Butker immediately lit up at the idea of destroying the NFL record books.

“Yeah, definitely. I mean, the conditions have to be right. It’s got to be warm, probably some wind at your back. But I feel like I have the distance for it, definitely.”

Harrison Butker on interest in attempting a 70-yard field goal

It might not have even been something Butker felt confident enough to attempt a year ago. However, he shared with Newell how he adjusted his process this offseason and why he believes it will help him become an even better kicker.

While there isn’t a conspiracy in the National Football League regarding the footballs like there is with MLB baseballs, Butker does believe the footballs are traveling further. He recently put that on display during pre-game warmups, easily nailing a 66-yard field goal.

  • Harrison Butker stats (career): 20 field goals made from 50-plus yards, career-long of 58 yards

It feels unlikely that Andy Reid would choose to deploy his veteran kicker for a 70-yard attempt over putting the football in the hands of Patrick Mahomes. But if it’s a warm day with strong winds gusting in the right direction, you can bet that Butker will make his case for it.