Hall of Famer Tim Brown on Amari Cooper “I think he’s going to be dominant Day 1”

By Rachel Wold

Oakland Raiders rookie Amari Cooper may be the best wide receiver the team has featured in nearly 30 years.

This is a belief held by former Raiders great and Hall of Famer Tim Brown.

“This guy is just a superb, great receiver and I think he’s going to be dominant Day 1,” Brown said in a national conference call, via CSN Bay Area. “I saw him at the Heisman deal (Cooper was a finalist for the award) and I told him then that I hope he’s still there when the Raiders pick, because there was no way they could bypass him. I just thought that he was that great of a not-miss-type pick. I can’t wait to see him Day 1. I think this guy is going to be great.”

Brown was a drafted sixth overall by the Raiders in the 1988 NFL Draft. He played in Oakland for 16 years where he tallied 14,734 receiving yards and 99 touchdowns over the course of his brilliant career.

Since his departure, Oakland has struggled immensely to find a dominant receiver. In the history of the Raiders since Brown, only two other receivers, Jerry Rice and Randy Moss have been able to surpass 1,000-plus yard seasons. Rice totaled 1,139 and 1,211 yards respectively in 2001 and 2002, while Moss posted 1,005 yards in 2005.

Now, Cooper’s arrival in Oakland is like a breath of fresh air. The praise he is receiving since OTA’s and minicamp precedes him. It will be fascinating to watch Cooper work with up-and-coming second-year quarterback Derek Carr when training camp and the preseason games get underway.

There is finally some hope for Raiders fans who have been suffering through many dismal and disappointing past seasons.

Photo: USA Today Sports