Hall of Famer believes LeBron James should join the Warriors if he leaves Cleveland

By Vincent Frank

The idea of LeBron James joining forces with Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry has to be repugnant to most around the NBA. How could the world’s best player leave what he has built up in Cleveland to go play for a team that has won two of the past three titles? Surely, it would ruin James’ already fragile reputation.

It’s something that was reported to be a possibility mere weeks ago. At that point, the always reactionary social media world didn’t take kindly to said rumor.

Now, with James set to hit free agency in mere months, one Hall of Fame basketball player believes he should in fact pack his bags for Oakland. Isiah Thomas just recently indicated that James’ best decision should he leave Cleveland would be to join the defending champs.

The reasoning here is sound. At 33 years old, does James want to go to another city and build the thing from the ground up? He’s at the point in his career when others decided to join contending teams. The likes of Karl Malone and Ray Allen come to mind first.

Even then, James’ entire legacy would be set afire if he decided to join a Warriors team that might be considered the best of all-time. This doesn’t even take into account the fact that Golden State is unlikely to show any real interest in James once free agency hits during the summer.

In any event, one high-profile former NBA player would seemingly be okay with James leaving Cleveland for Northern California. We can guess that he would be in the vast minority should this come to fruition.