Grown Ups 2 Comedian on Adrian Peterson: “Get rid of him.”

By Rachel Wold

Actor Nick Swardson is a major fan of the Minnesota Vikings. When asked by a reporter his opinion of running back Adrian Peterson, Swardson responded with some pretty realistic comments (via TMZ Sports):

“Get rid of him. I’m a diehard Vikings fan but I’m also a fan of children.”

Swardson proceeded to further explain that he could not get past the disturbing images of Peterson’s abused son and that he really can’t cheer for a convicted child abuser.

Here is the complete one-minute interview TMZ had with Swardson. This isn’t the first bold statement that Swardson has made regarding the Vikings. Last year Swardson went complete bananas crazy, throwing a tantrum when Minnesota passed on choosing Johnny Manziel in last year’s NFL draft.