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Grizzlies’ Ja Morant hilariously offers suffering fan tickets

Vincent Frank
Memphis Grizzlies' Ja Morant injury
Dec 16, 2019; Memphis, TN, USA; Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant (12) reacts during the second half against Miami Heat guard Kendrick Nunn (25) at FedExForum. Mandatory Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Memphis Grizzlies star rookie Ja Morant has been something of a revelation thus far this season, humiliating opponents on a regular basis.

Off the court, Morant is not about that action. He was just recently made aware of a young fan suffering through getting his wisdom teeth pulled. Said fan merely wants to see Morant play to help him feel better.

That’s when Morant decided to win the Internet for the day. He responded to a post from said fan, asking him to reach out to Morant for tickets. This is the best in humanity combined with a hilarious video.

Real. The best. Whatever way you want to describe Morant’s reaction to this video is perfectly fine.

We hate to laugh when a fellow human is suffering like this kid. But alas, that’s where we are at.

At the very least, he’s going to get Grizzlies tickets for his troubles. That’s better than acquiring hospital ice cream or jello, right?