Gregg Popovich not worried about super team label

By Vincent Frank

The Golden State Warriors may have added former MVP Kevin Durant in free agency, but it’s the San Antonio Spurs that have reigned supreme in the Western Conference for the better part of the past two decades.

Of course, recency bias tells us a story of a Warriors squad that might have jumped San Antonio on the totem pole.

Coming off a 73-win season and a second consecutive Western Conference title, the Warriors are now being crowned as the NBA’s next “super team.”

That’s all fine and dandy, but Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich would rather count his titles than be labeled something in the media.

When asked if it bothers him that the Warriors were being dubbed the league’s next super team, the always hilarious head coach responded in the most Pop-like manner possible.

“Nah,” Popovich said, via the Bay Area News Group. “I just count the championships.”

As others have pointed out, Popovich wasn’t speaking figuratively here. He’s literally counted the championships in the past — all five of them.

Following the retirement of Tim Duncan, an extremely successful era of Spurs basketball has given in to a younger version of the squad. It’s something that needed to happen in order for this organization to move forward.

With five NBA titles under his belt, Popovich is unlikely to feel threatened by the Warriors’ recent run of success. Instead, he’s likely going to use it as a catalyst for a rallying cry next season in San Antonio. That’s his mentality. And it’s proven to be a winner in the past.