Gregg Popovich has great line responding to LeBron James’ praise

Gregg Popovich

LeBron James has said a lot of nice things about Gregg Popovich lately, and now we know why.

Ahead of Saturday night’s battle between the Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs, Pop offered a humorous take on why James has been so effusive in his praise of late.

James said Popovich is “the greatest coach of all time” earlier this week. Then Saturday morning told reporters that he is considering playing in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics at the age of 35 because Popovich is taking over the U.S. men’s national senior team for Mike Krzyzewski (more on that here).

Popovich is known for being awfully dry during his interviews with the press, but he also has quite the sense of humor. This was seen in full effect here, and it’s always a treat when Pop shows this side of himself.