Green Olympic water polo pool shut down

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A green Olympic pool for is now so chlorinated that water polo players are complaining they cannot hardly open their eyes.

Captain of the U.S. water polo team, Tony Azevedo, said he could “barely” open his eyes for the final quarter during Wednesday’s quarter final win over France.

“This is the Olympic Games and they are putting so much chlorine in the water that people can’t see. You can’t have that,” he said, per The Telegraph.

Hungarian water polo player Gergo Zalanki echoed Azevedo’s comments.

“My eyes hurt from the water. It’s not good.”

“It feels like they added more chlorine to the water but I’m not sure. I’m used to it because we have a lot of water like this in Hungary, but I think there might be something else wrong too.”

Australian water polo star Richie Campbell noted his eyes would probably sting for a couple hours after his match.

“It hurts at the end of the game and we’ll probably get teary eyes for the next couple of hours but that’s alright. I felt it more towards the end. It wasn’t too bad in the water but now it’s really starting to sting.”

CNN reports this pool is now closed as officials investigate the issue.

Algae is the reason for the green color in the pool, which is so prevalent players cannot see the bottom of the pool. As a result, Olympic pool personnel shocked the water with a heavy dose of chlorine to attempt getting it back to its normal blue color.


To no avail.

It’s just one more weird phenomenon that has plagued the 2016 Rio Olympics.