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NFL insider explains why Green Bay Packers are keeping Jordan Love in 2022

Matt Johnson

Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love was floated in NFL trade rumors during the offseason, especially after Aaron Rodgers signed a contract extension. But the 2020 first-round pick remains on the roster after the recent NFL Draft, raising questions about why Green Bay kept him.

On the surface, the best win-now move for Green Bay likely would have been trading Love. In the likeliest scenario, he doesn’t take a meaningful snap during the 2022 season with a healthy Rodgers leading the Packers to another NFC North title. Trading Love and acquiring another mid-round pick could have added a potential impact rookie for the upcoming season.

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However, despite Love being made available, a deal was never made during the 2022 NFL Draft. Now as Love prepares for his third season in Green Bay, one of the NFL’s top reporters explained the process that might have resulted in that decision.

Appearing on The Pat McAfee Show, Ian Rapoport dove into why Love is still on the Packers’ roster and the process Green Bay likely went through in its decision to keep him.

“I do think they had some interest. I don’t think they had any offer that would make it so they had to move on from him. The problem is, his value as a backup is real. That is an important thing…I guarantee you someone would trade a 5th rounder for Jordan Love. I’m sure somebody would trade a 4th rounder for Jordan Love. But is that enough for the Packers?”

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport on potential Jordan Love trade talks

Love, entering the third year of his rookie contract, would be valuable to a quarterback-desperate team looking to buy low on talent. But it seems the right offer was never made to Green Bay for something to happen.

Why the Green Bay Packers didn’t trade Jordan Love

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If NFL teams were offering nothing more than a Day 3 pick, there is value for Green Bay in keeping love. While Matt LaFleur doesn’t run one of the most complicated schemes in the NFL, having a backup quarterback familiar with the system is important.

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Rodgers does have a history of missing games, ranging from his absence from COVID-19 to a broken collarbone. Because of it and the importance of being competitive in a tight battle for the NFC’s No.1 seed, the Packers identify value in Love’s ability to step in if Rodgers misses time.

“They want the security of Love, who knows their system and they still like…They still like him. None of those deals would be enough for them to give up on their backup in case Rodgers gets hurt.”

Ian Rapoport on how Green Bay Packers view Jordan Love

While it’s possible things could change if the Packers see tremendous growth from third-string quarterback Kurt Benkert this summer, the likeliest outcome is Love stays in Green Bay.

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However, that does come at a cost. The Packers will need to decide on Love’s fifth-year option in 2023. Given the underwhelming reports from practices and his struggles in limited regular-season snaps, the team option will likely be declined. At that point, other NFL teams likely won’t see any value in trading for Love in the last year of his deal.