Glen Davis: Blake Griffin should sign with Thunder or Celtics

By Jesse Reed

Retired NBA power forward Glen Davis played his final two seasons with the Los Angeles Clippers, and he thinks Lob City is a thing of the past. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin both opted out of their player options with the team, so it’s not exactly a huge leap in logic to conclude the Clippers as we know them are a thing of the past.

Speaking with TMZ Sports, Davis revealed he believes Griffin should join Russell Westbrook and sign with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Though, when first pressed about what he thinks about the future of the Clippers, Davis said, “we don’t know what Jerry West has in store.”

To nobody’s surprise, TMZ Sports pushed Davis for a more unfiltered point of view. And he obliged.

“They’re done,” Davis said. When asked about Griffin, he said, “I think he should go to Oklahoma, or Boston.”

Though Griffin isn’t exactly Mr. pogo-stick legs any more, he can still be a 20-12 guy in the right circumstances. Oklahoma City seems like it might be the perfect landing spot for the power forward. He’d immediately give the Thunder an upgrade over Enes Kanter, Nick Collison and Domantas Sabonis and would be a nice complement to center Steven Adams.

Where Griffin and Paul end up playing next year will have a huge impact on the power structure of the Western Conference. Paul has been strongly linked to the San Antonio Spurs already, which would certainly make things a bit more interesting come playoff time.