Gilbert Arenas involved in scary crash but comes away without injury

Courtesy of USA Today Sports

Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas was involved in a scary accident over the weekend while driving his Maybach that resulted in one car being flipped on its head.

Arenas shared video to his social media account of the aftermath, which was shared by TMZ Sports. It shows a Toyota RAV4 lying upside down on the 101 freeway in Encino, California after it had clipped Arenas’ Maybach on the back right corner.

Remarkably, nobody was seriously injured. Arenas himself wasn’t even listed as an injured party, and only minor injuries were treated on the scene of the scary crash.

Arenas, now a BIG3 star with the Enemies, seemed to be in good spirits afterward. His caption on the video he shared read, “@thebig3 the ghost ballers musta sent a killer to stop me since they couldn’t.”

That message alludes to a game last week in which Arenas scored 12 points to help the Enemies beat the Ghost Ballers, 51-35.