Geno Smith gets frosty with Jets reporter who asks about Ryan Fitzpatrick

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Geno Smith must be in heaven right now as the senior member of the New York Jets’ quarterback crew. With Ryan Fitzpatrick still embroiled in a contract dispute, Smith has an opportunity to get more reps in and develop some rapport with his teammates and coaches.

It isn’t altogether surprising, therefore, that Smith got a bit testy when a reporter asked him what he thought about the contract stalemate between Fitzpatrick and the Jets.

“That’s up to the front office and Ryan Fitzpatrick,” he replied, via Rich Cimini of ESPN.com. “Why would I speak on that?”

Cimini also mentioned that Smith would not take any other questions from that particular reporter.

This has always been his way, to have a chip on his shoulder. He thought he should have been drafted pretty high in the first round and ended up falling out of the entire round. He then endured plenty of hard knocks before thinking he had his stuff together for a solid third season before being knocked out of the starting lineup by a punch that broke his jaw.

He never recovered from that, as Fitzpatrick “stole” the job from him during his absence.

Who wouldn’t get a bit frosty about having someone ask about your competition, who’s not even signed to a contract?

Smith also wants to take full advantage of this opportunity while he has it.

“Every player in the NFL, I think, deserves a fair opportunity,” Smith said. “Whether or not that’s the case (for me), who knows? I believe I do have an opportunity here and I just have to take advantage of it.”

Too bad for Smith, if Fitzy does come back, back Smith will go to his clipboard-holding days pacing the sideline.