Garrett Grayson on Meeting Saints Quarterback: “Holy Cow, That’s Drew Brees”

Eventually, the time will come for New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees to step down and hand the starting job over to a new quarterback. That quarterback could be Garrett Grayson, who the Saints selected in the third round of the 2015 NFL Draft.

Grayson, who will have to be patient for his opportunity to arrive, had an interesting response after meeting his Brees (via Times-Picayune).

“He introduced himself to me. When I went up and met him, it was like, ‘Holy cow, that’s Drew Brees. It’s still kind of like the deer in the headlights. It’s a dream come true for me to be able to have this opportunity to learn from one of the best quarterbacks of all time.”

It was reported late last year that the Saints were planning to spend a higher draft pick on a quarterback they felt they could become the eventual heir to the Brees in New Orleans. Grayson, who may very well be that guy, claimed he has much to learn from the future Hall of Fame quarterback. He also indicated that he’s planning to tweak his playing style.

Even though Grayson is anxious to get out there and play, he understands the protocol.

“As a competitor, I always say I want to play right away. But that’s something I said through the process. I told all the teams I met with, I have no problem sitting and learning from a guy like Drew Brees.”

It would appear that Grayson will have some years to build on these strengths because Brees doesn’t plan on vacating his starting position anytime soon.

Photo: USA Today Sports